Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...All By Myself (Day 3)

Ok, so today I realized a few things, and since I'm determined to get some decent sleep, I'm going to bullet point them:

  • I need a fucking tutorial on Photoshop. I would love to be able to show you how this blog on Skirt! was featured for about 2.2 seconds on the national main page of their website today, but since I can't figure out how to get my screen print to show any bigger than Smurf size (which is really fucking lame) you're going to have to trust me and just go read it.
  • I can do cool shit, like cut my own hair & it wasn't so bad. See & enjoy, because I won't post pictures of myself very often:

The haircut side 2
(So, not happy with the way I'm aging and therefore have invested too much money in fucking collagen products...shit, balls, douche.)
(This is my fat tongue, which apparently will NEVER need fucking collagen...asshole tongue.)

  • I am also awesome at ordering really fantastic t-shirts online. I finally got my t-shirt order from Cafe Press and am very happy--especially about this one...


Alright. Enough fucking pictures for one night. You're going to get spoiled. Don't get used to this shit. It won't last.

Not kidding.



Anonymous said...

Once again, my twin, you astound me! SAME haircut last year! I too am unhappy with the chubby old lady cheeks and crows feet I am getting...EVERY.SINGLE.WOMAN.ON.THE.SPERM.DONOR'S.SIDE.LOOKS.THE.SAME.DAMN.IT. (and by sperm donor I don't mean some anonymous dude...he just kinda left his leavings and left...ok well the egg donor left, but you get me.)LOVELOVELOVE the shirt! And FUCK the collagen and I can be the wrinkly ass old ladies going to the liquor store in our nightgowns and rollers buying CASES of wine!

Doc said...

Looking VERY good!

Raquel's World said...

Cute cut!

Brandi C. said...

Jen, I heart you sooo much, but I'm going down fighting HARD! If I could afford plastic surgery & botox...bitch, I'd soo BE THERE!

Doc...spank you very much!

Raquel...spank you too! :D

Atypical Scott said...

You kind of sorta look like Julia Roberts. I am not sure if that is a compliment to you or an insult...It was meant to be complimentary, but then I started to think how annoying she is and it kind of took the sex right out of it...I will try and deflect to be safe.

Fat tongues are fantastic when orally used...for talking you pervs! God! A guy can't say anything anymore.

Anonymous said...

What the hell you using collagen for, you don't need it, you look fantastic, and the haircut is perfect on you, great job!!